Our Services

Children’s Allergy + Immunology

Staff (Allergy and Immunology):  Dr Brynn Wainstein Dr...

Children’s Respiratory Medicine

Staff: Prof Adam Jaffé Dr John Widger Dr Greg...

Children’s Sleep Medicine

Staff: Dr Greg Bleacher Dr John Widger   A...

Children’s Feeding Problems

Staff: Mandy Lee-Adno   Treating physical and...

General Paediatrics

  Providing the full spectrum of paediatric care in a...

Children’s Physiotherapy

Staff: Nadia Reid   Assessment and treatment of...

Social Work

Staff: Talya Linker   Providing practical support and...

Adolescent Medicine

Staff: Dr Andrew Kennedy   Helping to deal with the...

Children’s Developmental Medicine

Staff: Dr Suzie Gardner Staff: Dr Mark...

Children’s Neurology

Staff: Dr Alexandra Johnson   Diagnose,...

Children’s Renal Medicine

Staff: Dr Sean Kennedy   Diagnosing, treating and...

Children’s Endocrinology

Staff: Dr Shubha Srinivasan Dr Czarina Mendoza-Cruz Dr...

About Us

This is a child health clinic made up of paediatric specialists and allied health professionals in a number of key fields all under one roof. At The Children’s Clinic you know that you are getting the best available care from the doctor or health professional you choose, in an environment which makes the experience as pleasant as possible for you and your family.

We understand that children have unique needs which change with age. We care for children and young adults in an environment which is the ‘art, science and soul’ of paediatrics in a setting where children look forward to returning.


Meet the Team


Our doctors are child friendly, child focused and always put the health and wellbeing of your child first. Our doctors are leading experts in their fields and excel in their chosen area, providing your child with the best possible care at the time they need it most.


Allied Health

Our allied health professionals are highly qualified practitioners who are specialised in the paediatric field. With expertise in a range of services, they are what make The Children’s Clinic the one stop shop for all your child’s needs.


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Asthma Resources for Parents, Schools and Child Services: www.asthmainchildren.org.au 

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