Staff: Mandy Lee-Adno


Treating physical and behavioural feeding challenges

Difficulty feeding and problems around eating are very common issues encountered in children of all ages. Challenges can range from physical problems that affect feeding in infants to behavioural difficulties such as transitioning to solids and fussy eating in toddlers.

We can help you understand your child’s eating or feeding difficulties and work towards changing your child’s eating habits with a thorough and complete multi-disciplinary approach.

Our clinic is staffed by highly qualified speech pathologists, dietitians and occupational therapists who have extensive experience in the treatment of paediatric feeding and swallowing disorders, including:

    • Difficulties with breast and bottle feeding
    • Infant feeding difficulties gastro-oesophageal reflux and swallowing disorders
    • Transitioning to solids
    • Toddler feeding and fussy eating
    • Delayed development of feeding skills


As a multi-disciplinary paediatric clinic our other specialists are also available for assessment depending on the needs of your child.


Please ask for a referral to The Children’s Clinic or contact our friendly team directly to find out if we can help with any aspect of your child’s feeding needs.