General Paediatrics

Dr Deb Levy

Dr Deb Levy is a specialist paediatrician with a unique holistic approach to children’s health and wellness. She is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and has trained extensively within the conventional hospital system. She is adept at managing acutely unwell children and complex medical conditions. Wanting a more holistic approach Dr Deb studied natural and traditional therapies with a particular interest in nutrition, the microbiome and environmental medicine. Following an evidence-based practice, she uses all these modalities to formulate personalised and comprehensive management programs to treat disease and to help your child thrive.

Dr Deb cares for children of all ages and particularly enjoys supporting parents of newborns and young children. As a mum herself she understands the challenges of having an unwell child and of parenting in today’s world. When not with patients or sharing practical advice through various media platforms and publications, Deb enjoys yoga, baking healthy treats and spending time with her family and dog. Please see her website for more information www.drdeblevy.com and follow her on Instagram @drdeblevy