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Demi Chilchik 

Demi is a Registered Midwife with a Masters in Women’s Health Medicine. She is passionate about all aspects of Women’s Health, particularly education.

Demi Chilchik - Midwife Educator

Demi created FemmEd as a place for women of all ages to connect, learn and be inspired. She currently offers a range of services including: 

  • Labour TENS hire 
  • Labour and birth antenatal classes 
  • Breastfeeding antenatal classes 
  • Private support

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We understand that children have unique needs which change with age. We care for children and young adults in an environment which is the ‘art, science and soul’ of paediatrics in a setting where children look forward to returning.

Doctor examining a baby, showcasing child health services

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At The Children’s Clinic, we are committed to providing comprehensive child health services that cater to the unique needs of your family. Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals, including pediatric specialists and allied health experts, work collaboratively under one roof to ensure your child receives the best available care.


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