Dr Alexandra Johnson

Dr Alexandra Johnson is a Paediatric Neurologist working in both the public and private sectors in Sydney, Australia. She has positions at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Royal North Shore Hospital and Liverpool Hospital and privately, consults in St Leonards (Northern Children’s Specialist Clinic) and Bondi (The Children’s Clinic). She also loves spending time with her husband and two children, who try to help her become an expert in Minecraft, Star Wars, and Transformers (currently).

Neurological disorders such as headache and epilepsy are not uncommon in children, teenagers and young adults. At least five out of every ten teenagers experience headache at least once a month. One in twenty children will have a seizure during childhood, whilst one in two hundred are diagnosed with epilepsy. Both disorders can lead to a high burden of disability and distress or anxiety for these children and their families. In walking this path with families, Alexandra aims to understand their concerns through listening, communication and provision of appropriate information and education.

Alexandra contributes to teaching and research at Sydney Children’s Hospital (Randwick). Current projects include contributing factors to headache in children and young adults, and contributions to ongoing research into underlying factors contributing to epilepsy regarding genetics, epilepsy syndromes and epilepsy education. She is an investigator in an upcoming study examining the sequelae of childhood brain tumors and their treatment. She is also interested in the translation of emerging research in rare neurological diseases (including gene and enzyme therapies) to prevent neurodegeneration and ongoing cognitive and physical disability.